Profitable Investment

How does the tourist rent work?

  • Posada Rural La Matilde S.A offers proprietors their management resources within a framework of prestige, brand name, and image that are well known in the local and international tourist market.
  • Proprietors have a contract with the Posada La Matilde S.A. Hotel Administration to rent out their property on the dates and conditions agreed to by both parties.
  • Posada Rural La Matilde S.A. commits to undertake the property management; to provide top-level hotel services, promote the tourist attraction and take care of the guests in the property that we administrate in compliance with the specific terms agreed to by the owner and Posada Rural La Matilde.

Investing in bricks, obtaining an annual rent without having to deal with hotel administration, sales, tourist advertising, etc. are some of the advantages offered by this innovative method that combines security with return on investment.

This is an investment with multiple benefits as it provides the traditional construction mode while simultaneously entering the tourist business.

Renting a property can generate income for an investor in various ways. The rent produces a monthly income. The rented property itself will increase in value with time. This will not only generate revenue if the property is sold, but it can be used as collateral to request a loan.

What is the benefit of our tourist rental service?

  • To safely recover the initial building investment.
  • To enjoy leisure pursuits while our administration handles the management of your property.
  • To guarantee the success of the investment, especially for investors without experience in the field. Posada Rural La Matilde S.A. offers the advice of their board of consultants.

Many people who build or buy a house, do it to rent the property; as an investment. In addition to provide the same security other realtors can offer, and in accordance to our most conservative projections, we can triple the income of a traditional rental because instead of renting the property for two years, we offer it per night, knowing that the rate will always be higher for reduced periods of time.

A different enjoyment with a different investment

An opportunity for investing with an attractive return

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