We are what we do.

Generators of a change towards a healthier life

Who are we?

We are, above all, a team of people that, in 2010, decided to launch this project with the certainty, conviction, confidence and understanding that true change begins within oneself.

We are three friends with different personal and professional backgrounds that met now and then, and over a cup of coffee dreamt of a legacy for our children; something beyond a good future prospect.
We were not discouraged by the challenges we had to face, nor were we disheartened by our mistakes because we learnt from them.
Just everyday people, making some sound decisions, and others less so; with varying degrees of coherence, and yet, we decided to take a bet, because we felt that our close self-knowledge together with group understanding was worth it. We were in our 50’s and on the right track.
Three dreamers investing passionately in long hours of work, learning and training to live up to the dream we were embarking on, the path to what was genuine and necessary.
We were convinced that generosity and vision were a necessary part of change.


We chose people who were skillful and professional, those who kept alive old crafts and those who shared our values. This allowed us to fulfill our dreams and the silent success that comforts the soul.

In six years our work-group was able to accomplish:
· Production certified by strict international regulations
· To develop and promote sustainable practices.
· To be guardians of the natural resources being used by our administration.
· To promote the Organic and Biodynamic agricultural method both in practice and philosophy.
· To produce 100.000 kilograms a year of organic and biodynamic foodstuff free of chemicals and insecticides.
Fifty years in age, 40 years of friendship, a shared dream and a deep desire for change, all contributed to make La Matilde, the country’s first biodynamic estate, come true and be a source of pride for us, for our families and friends as well as whoever wishes to be a part of La Matilde.

Founding Members
• Luis Leopoldo Varela
• Pablo Oscar Asef
• Raúl Alberto Mare